As my sambo likes to break his neck and shoulders in the adjacent bike parc, I usually like to take long walks in this zoo/natural reserve. They also have a little challenge course in the middle o the park with quite easy and amusing challenges.

A visit to Järvzoo is a magical and memorable experience for the whole family. Here is something for everyone, young and old. Here you meet the wild animals of the Nordic countries on their own terms in a fantastic environment. Brown bear , wolf , loo , fox and reindeer are just some of the animals you can meet here.Järvzoo is located on the south side of Öjeberget in Järvsö in beautiful Hälsingland. You walk through the zoo on a three kilometer long wooden pavement where you experience the park at your own pace. Enjoy the wild pristine forest, the silence and the magical atmosphere. Along the way there are several places where you can sit down and rest, enjoy the view and maybe eat something good.


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