Let’s get our Dala horse on. In order to model anything you need to start from an idea – in this case I have chosen to try and model up a Dalarna horse and go for an interpreted version of it.  Why not a building or something more imposing? Simply because I do not have a lot of time to waste on this self education section – I usually can spend a coupe of hours per weekend exploring new ways to not be bored in front of a computer. 

Many thanks to Thomas Escriva who helped me with tips and tricks through this process <3 <3

the original model

The Qlone app offers an in house-mobile camera option which is a little tough to use but kinda does the job. 
The scanned result – in app
scanned result in PC – STL exported
Used the ReduceMesh function to 400 polygons
selected the mesh and defined the points available
dala horse – all cleaned out and meshed
the result in wires section – using a simple debrep – pipe tool. 

will be back with 3D print results 😉

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