Halo Pavilion – Scale Model 1:5

I am of course very sorry about the fact that #3dmeetup2020 was canceled. We were suppose to build the second fully #3dprinted pavilion – the Halo Pavilion. I started printing a test model scale 1:5 about two weeks ago and this weekend I finished part 1 – because it is missing the side structure at…

199 Säve Berghangaren

After visiting Arsenalen last year, I knew more or less what to expect from a military museum – but this one went above and beyong because it brought to the table more interaction with the flight machines. In swedish tradition everything in the museum was pedagocial, suited for children of all ages and more than that. If you had the posibility to go in some of the planes and test for yourself how it feels to sit in the pilot seat – how cool would that be??