Ever since I got my first 3D printer I wanted to do a couple of thing such as:

  • 3D print a pair of shoes – own design
  • 3D print a pavilion scale 1:1
  • 3D print a fashion garment

As you can imagine these are all very long and complicated projects and I have been taking small steps in understanding where to begin with all of them and starting to build a foundation. I mostly use my knowledge accumulated over the years from architecture to attack these goals.

To start with one of the long term goals, that is design my own custom made shoes, I had to get my foot scanned. For that I had help from Pernilla Vestman, at that time she was a student at Xenter and an intern at Sweco. More than 6 month later I finally got around to importing it to Rhino and beginning to analyse the geometry and see how I can adapt it to a 3D physical model.


Start from a 3D scan
After the mesh contour is time to clean up the upper points and elements I don\t really need
A cleaned version of the foot points.

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