Who doesn’t love a haunted castle story? I know I love my ghosts stories before bed, specially if you will like to brag to your friends that you slept in a haunted castle, this is the place to go. Among other things like an extremely lovely outdoor pool, this location comes to delight you with horseback ridding, bowling and above all an extremely delicious meal served for breakfast. Since it is quite close to where I live, whenever I am having a lazy Saturday and don’t really feel like cooking my breakfast, I just jump in the car and drive right over.

Häringe Palace is a lifestyle hotel with a long, glamorous, decadent and eccentric history. Movie stars, primadonnas, industrial magnates and other whimsical characters have been magically attracted to the palace. They partied, ate well, gossiped, and took the greatest pleasure in frivolous escapades. We’re all for continuing the legacy.

The palace and the estate have had a lot of owners since Viking Sote first claimed the land as his own around the year 1000. All owners that followed have been more or less decadent with often unlimited funds and a love for the lavish, scandal, glamour and parties, parties and yet more parties. 

website: http://www.haringeslott.se/en/

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