Ever heard of the Falu red, or wondered why all the cottages in Sweden are painted red? This place is the reason why, also a great opportunity to learn a little bit of Swedish history.

The story of Falun Mine extends far back in the past.

We do not know when the Falun mine’s history begins. Probably mined the ore here already in the Viking Age. The oldest written document about the mine are from the year 1288. The document is a replacement letter confirming that Bishop Peter Elofsson in Vasteras received the right to settle back one-eighth of Copper Mountain, at that time called Monastic Sjöberg. How well the king Magnus III as archbishop of Uppsala and three other bishops have signed the letter.

Privilegiebrevet 1347
King Magnus Eriksson charters to the miners in 1347 is a confirmation of previously issued privileges and contains detailed information on how the work would be carried out at Copper Mountain. The document was supplemented in 1360 by a mining regulation and became the standard for the order at the mountain until early 1600.

website: http://www.falugruva.se/

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