What to do on a monday evening than try to find other places that I have’t explored, somehow it seems that the books I have on places in sweden are dedicated for a specific type of public and they are a little outdated, so I moved in another direction, that is 227 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Sweden

THE RUN-DOWN INDUSTRIAL AREA OF Snösätra in the southern suburbs of Stockholm seemed like it was forgotten long ago. That is, until 2014, when it was transformed into one of Europe’s largest graffiti exhibitions.

Practically every sliver of the walls along the streets running through the neighborhood is covered by graffiti. Eye-catching images of people, animals, and objects adorn whatever space is available.

The paintings are done by different street artists from around the world, transforming Snösätra into a canvas that displays a mishmash of different graffiti styles and themes. The owners of the buildings are perfectly willing to let the artists cover the walls with their work.

Every spring, more than 150 graffiti artists from Sweden and beyond descend upon the neighborhood to create new pieces as part of an annual street art festival. The festival includes music, a graffiti battle, and even a virtual reality portion that lets revelers attempt to show off their street art skills within a virtual world. There’s also a wall that’s open to the public to paint, as long as people stick to the rules posted.

Unfortunately, the future of Snösätra is uncertain, as there are plans to turn it into a residential area. As of yet, it’s still a refuge for graffiti lovers, far from the beaten path.

Know Before You Go

Snösätra Wall of Fame is a 0.8-mile walk from the Rågsved metro station (green line toward Hagsätra).

source: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/snosatra-wall-of-fame

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