✨3D MEET-UP 2024 ✨

As I was preparing one of my speeches for this weekend @3dmeetup I realised that is has been 10 years since I have made my first 3D print. It had been a journey powered by different communities until the inception of the Sverige 3D skrivare fb group evolved and local makers started to unite under the same goal with one event to they strive to go every year: 3D Meetup Sweden. I started this journey wanted to #3dprint the #ultimakerdress and became obsessed with flex plastic. Failed many time and broke many printers 😢. On this journey I wrote the “Architecture of 3D printing” a manual how to from Revit to Cura – still available on the Ultimaker #community forum. During that process as the 3D industry was building 3D printed houses – I switched my focus from printing a dress to 3d printing a pavilion. It was great, I got support, I got help, I felt like I was welcomed. That gave the the courage to start my own company, develop my first collection of  3D printed jewellery, followed by many other great challenges and opportunities such as my collaboration with @septem_3dfashion. In 2022 I took a break, to take care of my self and #YOLO, from seriously thinking if that the next step is for me 🤔 is it tech and 3D printing 🤔 is it developing a certain area such as: architecture, fashion, etc. 🤔
As this year started, I came up with a new personal mantra: “no drama, just art”. I also learn to accept my masculine side and notice that I design with much more passion men’s fashion items and garments, or masculine feminine looks rather than women’s directed fashion. So I will continue down this new dream, going back to my childhood ambition to be fashion designer. Will come back with more updates on this topic. 

😛 PS. I was converted to #bamboolabs tech 😅


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