Åreskutan peak is a sight not to be missed, filled with downhill and enduro cyclists, hikers, tourists taking the gondola lift almost all the way to the top – up to 1274 m. However you can go on foot up to 1420, where to my surprise I found out they have a cafe, for those seekers who want a warm tee in winter or a cold drink in summer. I decided to do some morning exercise up there and also sayed hi to on reindeer from a far after going through a panic moment with my sambo debating the alternative of staying still or running in the opposite direction. The best experience was when I was caught by the first storm of the summer on top of the mountain and I could barely see where I was walking and had to make my way from the top all the way to the gondola. It was absolutely amazing!! I think that is when my survival skills kicked in, apparently I do have some left. Being rained on, ankle deep in pouring water and limited visibility, with no way to access the phone and activate a gps, walking on steep and slippery rock terrain will forever stay in my memory. All became a sort of community guiding hoping I would  not go in the direction of the edge of the platform where they normally had paragliding kick off. If I have learned one thing from this experience is that I will from now on trust the weather report when it comes to mountain areas and probably will do this again. I have never felt so relax and calmed as in that moment. Cheers to not so self preserving ideas!

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