When you happen to go on vacation in a group it is bound to happen that new places to visit and a variety of activities will pop up. So, taking this oportunity, while my friends hiked, I decided to take my bike and follow along. My bike is made for enduro, and while it can take most terrain it is not the easiest to carry arround. It was also the first time I decided to bike on my own in forest trails and also to make such a big distance on bike.

view over Vålådalen Naturum

Blanktjärnsrundan (12 km round trip) 

This is a must and one of Vålådalens most classic hikes. The track takes you over the flowering ”Matskålsängarna”, over morasses, and through birch- and fir woods. Walking up the gravel kames you will be received by the crystal clear turquoise water of the lakes Blanktjärnarna. Beyond the tree tops you will glimpse the tree- line and the mountains. Along the way you will pass Nipan, a beautiful rest area with stunning views over the river Vålån. On this roundtrip, you can choose whether to walk clockwise or counter clock wise;, the track is very easy to follow both ways and you will return to the same spot by Vålådalens track center. 

source: https://www.valadalen.se/en/blanktjarn

The team was made of 5
Silviu, Stefania, Alexandra, Julian and Simona

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