Concept sketch

As this work from home, socialise from home situation developed so did the social networks. I had the pleasure of stumbling upon a sewing for beginner group. This is challenge #2 – make a version of the butterfly overall.

What is that? Well a garment that when “flapped” takes the mesmerising effect and form of a butterfly.

There are some things I enjoy about this idea but also some things that I find – stylistically problematic. I do not like the top fit – I think is is too loose. The bottom part of the pants are also a bit – too random and does not have a nice continuous fit 🤔

Now, with my zero experience in sewing , or too little to matter – this project is going to be a challenge. I already know how to do the pant part of this piece due to the fact that I did a pair of training leggings/pants out of a “cosmic” looking scuba fabric.


Fabric follows pattern or pattern follows fabric 🤔 ? In this case I had to chose pattern follows fabric – having limited stock and unequal size in fabric standard width – I had no alternative but to let the fabric dictate dimensions. For this project there were two materials – a scuba – with a cosmic print and a stretch black fabric. The latter being generally bigger since it was purchased in one piece whereas the cosmic was purchased at a sale price from the leftover section.

Quick sketch ✍️ of the pattern sizes


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